About David

I am a speaker & author that loves to empower corporate supervisors, managers & leaders with tools to create teams that perform and win. My workshops are geared toward helping people take the complex and make it simple. For example: Authorenticity® is a process that helps individuals figure out the answer to a question many of your employees may struggle with: ‘What was I born to do?’

Authorenticity® should be of interest to any corporate leader interested in maximing efficiency, profitability and morale. When people are employed in a position that utilizes what they were born to do they will do “it” twice as well in half the time and be somewhat or even deliriously happy doing it. If that sounds like an environment you’d like to create that contact me for more information and a consultation. My workshops and keynotes will give your teams the tools to get there.

I am a based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada but have spent the past many years traveling the world inspiring a new brand of authentic leadership.

Here’s to your success!


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