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If you aren’t doing THIS.. you could be largely wasting the training you sent your team on … Download your Free ActionPlanforResults pdf template

I just got back from Toronto where yesterday I worked with  plant supervisory teams at a global manufacturing company on the topic of Communication and Collaboration.   It was an awesome day and prompted this blog on how to effectively leverage the training you set up for your teams.  Don’t miss the free template download at […]

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Look UP! You’ll increase your sales and build your brand.

This one small exercise can revolutionize your business. I just came back from Jasper Alberta where I spent May 1 – 3 delivering a Customer Service Excellence Workshop for local business. In helping local business understand how to better serve their customers we unveiled a simple marketing strategy that works for anyone who dares intentionally […]

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How Stress & Comfort Play Together and why YOU should care!

An odd pairing, but stress and comfort work together on a daily basis and if you are a leader of a team looking to get results its imperative you know how they play and what you can do about it.  If you don’t have the official “leader” business card but just want the best for […]

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Trust & Respect in the Workplace

Trust and respect between team members can be the foundation for any great team.  Gone are the days where a leader’s title was enough to garner respect from the people who work for them.  We are thankfully in the days where we need to build up the trust and respect of our team.  We need to […]

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