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The 2017 Fall/Winter Authorenticity Workshop Series Announced. See inside for details!

Authorenticity Principle #6 says that at some point more knowledge isn’t the answering to developing someone’s potential.  They need to increase their capacity to use more of what they already know.

So here is a typical story of a workshop attendee:  They  go to a workshop (mine or others). They get inspired.  They get the concepts.  They agree with them.  Yet they don’t see how to apply them to their specific issue in their workplace or how to overcome a very specific barrier  they see to implementing it.  They don’t perceive an opportunity to talk about it in the workshop so they leave with great knowledge but with very little empowerment or accountability to put that knowledge into action.  The end result is little change.

My passion as a speaker/trainer/coach goes beyond motivation to transformation.  I want to see change.  I want your people to get excited about a forward positive tangible momentum wave they can ride with their teammates.

I have recently announced  a 4 workshop series for this fall. The format is different then your typical workshop.  It is focused on creating an environment where people both get great new knowledge but also develop the capacity to use it:

  1.  The day is divided into knowledge and small group coaching sections where they can discuss how to apply and implement that knowledge in their specific work environment.
  2. I use an action plan template that can involve an internal coach of their choice in your company that they submit their plan to after each workshop.  That internal coach fulfills two important roles.  They are both a support to that person in implementing their action plan but also an accountability partner to reinforce a commitment to transformation in the workplace.

Catch all the details in the pdf.  Click below to download it to your pc:


You will see there are “public” workshops scheduled for Alberta but you can also bring any or all of this training directly to your organization.  For questions about onsite rates you can contact me at 403.874.1044 or  Here’s to building capacity!



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