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If you aren’t doing THIS.. you could be largely wasting the training you sent your team on … Download your Free ActionPlanforResults pdf template

I just got back from Toronto where yesterday I worked with  plant supervisory teams at a global manufacturing company on the topic of Communication and Collaboration.   It was an awesome day and prompted this blog on how to effectively leverage the training you set up for your teams.  Don’t miss the free template download at the bottom of this short piece!


The workshop had two components:

1. Learning & Knowledge
2. Application

The first half of the day was spent delivering and engaging the supervisors with knowledge and tools to empower better communication & collaboration in their teams and amongst the departments at this plant.   That is where typically most workshops end. Unfortunately the result is that while great information was received they will struggle applying it to their real life situations and they will go back to minimal accountability to use the information they learnt.   The end result:  not a ton of value for your investment in the training.

The second half of the day was used to have participants work with a template similar to what I’ve giving you in this email on specifically having them choose one or two real life work situations and develop a specific action plan to implement the strategies they learned in the morning.  As they worked in small groups on that, a senior manager from the company and I set up an “office” next to the training room where they were working and scheduled small groups of 3-4 people to come in for 30 minutes of discussion/coaching and implementation of the strategies they learned to their specific issues.  They got to ask questions in confidence and the discussions we had were powerful.

Here is a template similar to the one used you can leverage for your development discussion:  ResultsActionPlan

The Benefits were numerous:

1) The senior manager could apply company specific examples that made sense to the participants and reinforced the content.
2) That same manager got a great feel for trends both positive and those needing attention in his organization.
3) Each employee had a chance to talk about their issue and ask questions where they were uncertain of how to apply the learning to their situation and walk away focused on putting together an action plan that was realistic towards success.

The Path Forward was clear:

The expectation was that each employee completed their plan after the coaching session and emailed it in confidentiality to both the Senior VP and a Mid Level Manager that would act as their coach as they went back to their reality and tried to work through those situations.  The team of the employee and their coach would schedule and prioritize coaching sessions on a regular basis to both measure progress and provide additional coaching as needed.  The process is only finished when their internal Coach signs off on the plan saying the employee has successfully used the training to develop a new skill and/or resolve a situation.

It is not by accident that this company is a global leader in what they do and have incredible recruiting/retention numbers.  People love working there!  Their success is partly due to this radical interest in the development of their employees through quality teaching and then application in an environment of accountability.

You can achieve the same results for your company!  I’ve provided a free download below that you can download and use with your teams.

I just released the Fall/Winter workshop schedule for Alberta.  These four workshops will be structured in a similar fashion to what I described above.  Each workshop runs 9 to 4.  The workshop day will be divided into segments of interactive teaching leading towards coaching on specific action plans they can return to their workplace with.  I call the format of these workshops “Building Capacity” as they acknowledge that at some point more knowledge isn’t the answer to developing potential but rather increasing their capacity to use more of what they know is.

Download the Alberta Fall/Winter Schedule here:           2017FallWinterWorkshops

Have a great week!  –    David
ps. Be sure to check out the information about the “Capacity Pass” which is one low price for attending each of the 4 workshops planned for this fall/winter. $599 gives you one registration for each topic.  You can send one person to all the workshops or a different employee to each.  Great flexibility. Powerful Training.  Capacity Development.  One low cost. If you’d like to bring this training to your city in North America, contact me at and we can chat about how to make that happen.


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