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Look UP! You’ll increase your sales and build your brand.

This one small exercise can revolutionize your business. I just came back from Jasper Alberta where I spent May 1 – 3 delivering a Customer Service Excellence Workshop for local business. In helping local business understand how to better serve their customers we unveiled a simple marketing strategy that works for anyone who dares intentionally walk through it and evolve because of it. Read below…

That strategy: Look UP! 

Look UP doesn’t mean stare at the sky but rather put yourself in your customer’s shoes and see your industry through their eyes. What are you looking for?

1) Uncertainty (the questions they have and wonder about as they think of buying from you)

2) Pain (The things they don’t like about the process of buying from you)

Looking for your customer’s uncertainty and pain (UP) specific to their use of your product and/or service should help you both better market to and service them.

I used the example of UBER. I started using UBER on my travels about 4 months ago and am a fan. When I considered the uncertainties/pain I felt prior to Uber around getting a taxi they were as follows:

1) How long will I have to wait? Where is my taxi?

2) How much will be the fare be?

3) Will my driver take the scenic route to add onto the fare?

4) Do they accept credit card and do I trust the driver with my credit card information?

I think UBER’s success with its direct customers comes from the fact that their business model directly addresses and takes away those pains and uncertainties.

1) When I use the App and identify my destination I can choose from a number of drivers around me by looking at the approx wait time I would have with them. When I choose my driver I can actually watch their route and see exactly where they are relative to me.

2) I don’t have to worry about how much the fare will be as UBER tells me the fare up front.

3) With the fare already settled, the driver has NO interest in taking me anything but the most efficient route. I don’t worry about scenic drives any longer.

4) My fare is paid securely and directly to UBER through my phone. I know I can use my card and I’m not having to give my credit card information out to the hundred plus drivers i use in a year on my travels.

The next level of sales, service and success for your business may just be around the corner!

Take the UP challenge:

1) Get your team together.

2) Brainstorm the questions/ pains your customers usually have using your product/service.

3) Brainstorm the possible solutions to those pains and uncertainties that you could offer them. It will become your Unique Value Proposition.

4) Establish to the plan to implement those solutions towards separating yourself from your competitors.

Have a great week. Tell someone you know that things are looking UP!


David Benjatschek is a sought after leadership author/speaker & business coach based in Calgary Alberta. His book “Authorenticity: A Pathway to Purpose” helps individuals answer the age old question: What was I born to do? The workshop series for business takes that process and helps managers/leaders intentionally grow members of their team to their highest level of contribution.

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