5 Choices for Effective Leadership

5 Choices for Effective Leadership


There are over a million of books on leadership out there and many high scholars would argue that “there is nothing new under the sun.” So why write this book? I’m writing this book because my speaking journey has shown me that there is still a thirst for a perspective on leadership that is visionary.People are looking for a perspective that gives young leaders a practical blueprint for success. The emerging leaders that I have worked with across the world have been most grateful for practical tools delivered with passion. This book is for you if you are new to leadership in your company and are looking for some solid advice on how to best manage and lead the team you are about to inherit. It can also be for you if you are a seasoned leader looking to refocus and re-energize. This book will explore the many different areas of leadership through 5 simple questions I know that every leader faces. I hope you will find it to be an invaluable resource to help you in your leadership journey.

Available in soft cover, as well as .pdf and .epub digital formats.


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